echo & flow

Ruth Profile Pic.jpg

Ruth Newberry is an artist, designer and animator based in Richmond, Virginia. Echo&Flow is the brand under which she presents her evocative, abstract pieces that fall somewhere between sculpture and painting. She has developed a technique for forming delicate, handmade paper into sushi-like rolls. These rolls are then used to construct bold, meticulous and expressive designs. A single composition can take up to six months to complete.

She has always been deeply fascinated by both the logical and the uncontrolled organic forms of the natural world, and the patterns that continuously emerge in perfectly imperfect ways. However, she prefers to leave her exact inspirations up to interpretation. Her work moves between the botanical, aquatic, cosmic and even microscopic realms seamlessly.

The flexibility and tactile nature of using paper as a medium is something that she has always been drawn to. After a lifetime of creating in the digital realm, experiencing the feel and smell of something derived from the earth is at once grounding and satisfying. 

Ruth is also co-founder/owner of Cream, a motion graphics studio located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. 
She welcomes you to share in her world of color and rhythm as you explore her work.